Let’s (hand)work together!

Zondag 25 oktober was de eerste bijeenkomst van initiatief “Let’s (hand)work together”, op Heumensoord. En die werd daar dusdanig enthousiast ontvangen dat er sindsdien met de regelmaat van de klok bijeen gekomen wordt. Hieronder de omschrijving zoals die in de FB groep Let’s [Hand]Work Together! opgenomen is; in het Engels zodat ook de vrouwen van Heumensoord het idee kunnen begrijpen. 

Our activity is as simple as strong: let’s (hand)work together, towards a warm winter!

We are a group of WOMEN FROM NIJMEGEN (some 10 “fixed”) and HEUMENSOORD (variable) who (aim) to get together in Heumensoord on a regular base to (learn how to) KNIT and/or CROCHET. Scarfs, caps and gloves – yep, preferably WINTER CLOTHING!

To give a WARM WELCOME to the Heumensoord residents, and to KEEP THE COLD AWAY from their temporary shelter!
Let’s connect and share, relax and interact; let’s (hand) work together! ARE YOU IN?!

• Yes, we have permission and collaboration of COA @ Heumensoord.
• The Get Togethers are planned every Tuesday and Thursday between 10 and 1130, and every uneven Sunday between 13 and 1530, respectively in Village White, Green and Purple.
• That is, when at least 5 women from Nijmegen (area) join us during the week-sessions, and 8 during the weekend-session! (max: 12). Keep an eye on the event calender to know whether indeed a get together is planned!
• Want to join our let’s-hand-work-get-togethers on one of the mentioned times? Make sure you have read the “spelregels” (in the folder “bestanden”), and send an email to LETSHANDWORK@GMAIL.COM (for registration at Heumensoord). NB: the “attendance” button going with the events does NOT count as a subscription to that event!
• Join this group to think and share with us – practical suggestions on the organization, handy handicrafts advices and inspirational ideas!
* We continuosly need materials to provide the Heumensoord participants with (Nijmegen participants bring their own equipment). Do you have something to share? Pls visit the FB group Warme Wol to find out about where to bring your donations, or send an email to LETSHANDWORK@GMAIL.COM!
• No, you do not need to be a master knitter or crochet star; after all, it’s about sharing experiences and knowledge! … And most of all: at having a nice and relaxing time together!

Dusss… Bezoek de FB groep “Let’s (hand)work together!” voor het laatste nieuws en de nieuwste plannen. En heb je interesse in deelname, of handwerkmaterialen over om te doneren aan de vrouwen van Heumensoord? Allebei van harte welkom; email ons!!

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